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Birth of the LogicNets Blog

So here it is, our first blog post!  We plan to use this blog to share news and other pertinent information about LogicNets as a company and as a product.  For now, we’ll start with a brief introduction of both.

Based in Washington DC, LogicNets was founded in 2004 by Jelle Ferwerda.  Jelle (pronounced YEL-lah) continues to run the company as President and CEO.

LogicNets is an online expert system that lets you create, share and manage web-based applications that contain your decision-making expertise.  With LogicNets’ browser-based software, one of the most sophisticated knowledge automation applications available, you take pre-assembled parts and combine and change them to easily capture and automate your specific expertise in customized solutions that fit your needs exactly.  You can start from scratch, or take one of our pre-assembled sample packages and modify it to your company’s unique processes:

  • Health and Safety Management
  • Troubleshooting and Fault Tree Analysis
  • Product and Quote Configuration
  • Audits, Inspections, and Compliance
  • Call Center Scripting
  • Documentation and Contract Configuration

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