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This is the official blog of LogicNets, Inc.

LogicNets is a privately held developer of expert system software and solutions. Founded in 2004 in Washington DC, the company is focused on developing and deploying its LogicNets expert system platform, a web-based decision support service available to users either on a subscription basis or hosted on their own infrastructure. LogicNets was the first online expert system that businesses could customize themselves to fit their unique processes. The company originally used the platform to create and deliver very large and sophisticated custom solutions, automating a wide range of business processes. In recent years, the company has taken its substantial portfolio of decision support applications and packaged them to provide industry-specific solutions in four focused areas:

  • Technical Support and Field Service
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Risk Management
  • Healthcare Decision Support
  • Sales Productivity

The LogicNets system is extremely versatile. For some organizations it provides a quick and easy way to create purpose-built expert utilities and productivity tools. Other organizations deploy it as a strategic platform to automate large areas of workflow that are otherwise overly complicated and inefficient. These areas include advanced technical troubleshooting, predictive diagnostics, knowledge management, customer self-service, remote device monitoring, a wide range of compliance activities, and more. LogicNets’ customer base includes such high-profile organizations as Ford Motor Company, Ingersoll Rand, CBS, Fox Networks, Illumina, and NASA.

For full details of our products, please visit our website: www.logicnets.com


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